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Pasta Pietro Massi is the ally you were looking for. Enter the Pasta revolution and discover a new quality standardfor your business.

Do you love pasta?


Ever heard of egg white Pasta or 100% Einkorn wheat – Triticum Monococcum Pasta? Our revolution lives in simplicity and we are sure that it will surprise you.

A new Pasta is born, experience it.

A new method, for a unique Pasta

When technology and innovation are integrated in harmony with tradition, it is possible to create a new contemporary model of craftsmanship: a 100% Italian renaissance.

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Pietro Massi

and R&D Manager

I have dedicated my life to Pasta, having always worked in the sector. This experience has led me to recognise the limits of traditional pasta-making methods and after 30 years of research I have developed a more evolved Pasta processing system: the Cold Method, born from the synthesis of the oldest traditions and the most sophisticated technologies on the market.

A starry Pasta

Today you can enjoy a unique Pasta: produced using Pietro Massi’s innovative Cold Method and perfected thanks to the partnership with Chef Mauro Uliassi, 3 Michelin Stars.

A continuous dialogue to bring our pasta to standards of quality never reached before.

Enhance your taste experience

Every day we revolutionise a product that is simple and extraordinary at the same time: Pasta.

Each package contains the authentic aroma and genuine taste of wheat, preserved thanks to the absolute delicacy of Pietro Massi’s Cold Method processing.

An unparalleled quality obtained thanks to the only production chain in the world that preserves constant low temperatures and eliminates the mechanical stresses responsible for altering the raw materials, both from a sensory and organoleptic point of view.

No tricks, “only” the deepest respect.

Our recipes

Semolina Pasta

The best Italian semolina to create a unique, fragrant, light-coloured, highly digestible Pasta with an inimitable bite.

The natural yellow colour of the semolina is tangible evidence of the absence of thermal shocks.

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Egg White Pasta

An absolute innovation on the market: created exclusively with semolina and egg white, for a natural protein intake and low saturated fat content.

The cooking performance exceeds normal expectations and it is a very suitable recipe for more elaborate preparations.

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Egg Pasta

Simple, first-class raw materials for the preparation of a classic yet innovative egg pasta thanks to the processing method: digestible, crunchy, rough, porous and tasty with extraordinary cooking properties.


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The characteristics of Pasta Pietro Massi:

100% Italian certified durum wheat semolina

Heady aroma and authentic taste of wheat

“Naturally” rough and porous

Shape maintenance while cooking

Starch and gluten shield perfectly intact

Extraordinarily light and digestible

Nutritionally complete

Easy to use and incomparable cooking properties

Design at the centre

Every feature of the Pasta has been taken care of and designed to provide a unique taste experience: we have created the perfect bite, the result of a work of improvement on size, diameter, thickness and length.

The result of this extraordinary care?

An inimitable Pasta that finally becomes the absolute protagonist at the table: tough, tasty, crunchy, nutritious, porous, fragrant and highly digestible.

White Pasta – Chef Mauro Uliassi, 3 Michelin Stars

Pietro Massi’s Calamarata N°25, herring butter and Timut pepper

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