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It is a pleasure to find you here: in a world where Pasta is a work of art.

As with our revolution, which lives in the rediscovery of simplicity, contacting us to learn more about this extraordinary product is really simple.

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Our main contacts

Massimo Diamantini
Area Manager
T — +39 338 245 7798
E — massimo.diamantini@pietromassi.com
Laura Mistretta
Owner & Marketing Manager
T — +39 349 8421 521
E — marketing@pietromassi.com
Pietro Massi
Co-founder and R&D Manager
T — +39 333 754 5454
E — development@pietromassi.com
Gaetano Castiglione
Owner & CEO
T — +39 342 7830442
E — ceo@pietromassi.com

Why choose Pasta Pietro Massi?

Taste, comfort and uniqueness.

Thanks to the particular molecular structure of the dough, “Pietro Massi” pasta guarantees uniform cooking, free of viscosity, both internally and externally.

The exceptional cooking resistance allows maximum flexibility in the kitchen, allowing pre-cooking even for large quantities of product, prolonged “skipping”, easy regenerations, introducing new management standards in the preparation of pasta-based dishes in the kitchen.

Excellent raw materials

The simplicity of tradition lives on in its maximum expression thanks to the cold working method, capable of enhancing the most prestigious raw materials.

Comfort and versatility

A pasta that does not overcook and does not collapse, perfect for the preparation of extraordinary recipes in the most varied professional contexts.

Volume and lightness

In the dish it does not collapse and is always bulky.

Its particular processing is performed without mechanical stress and this guarantees the maintenance of the characteristic crystalline structure of the starch and the cohesiveness of the glutin mesh, making it extremely digestible.

The Pietro Massi processing method enhances the roughness of the pasta which has a sheet full of depressions that enhance its consistency on the palate.

A new pasta, ready to be discovered.

Thanks to our exclusive and innovative cold working method it is possible to taste an inimitable pasta that preserves all the original organoleptic qualities of the raw materials, from flavors to aromas, from colors to healthy benefits.

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