A product born from the respect for raw materials. Pietro Massi pasta

Pietro Massi pasta is a unique product of the highest quality, produced using patented, innovative systems that cannot be imitated by the traditional methods of transformation normally employed.

We have reinvented pasta making.

Thanks to the particular molecular structure of the dough, “Pietro Massi” pasta guarantees uniform cooking, without viscosity, either internally or externally.

The pasta remains exceptionally firm after cooking, which gives it maximum flexibility in the kitchen. It can be pre-cooked in large quantities, is easily regenerated and put to new uses, or sautéed for a long time, thus introducing new management standards in the preparation of pasta-based dishes.

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The first real innovation in centuries of tradition.

The Pietro Massi processing method enhances the texture of the pasta which has a rough, irregular surface that reinforces the sense of its consistency on the palate.

It is this particular porosity that makes it unique and inimitable, and creative chefs will be able to develop new and interesting recipes based on the magic that this pasta works on a wide variety of sauces.

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Volume and lightness.

The stress-free way in which the pasta is worked means that it keeps its shape and volume after cooking, and also guarantees the maintenance of the characteristic structure of the starch and the cohesiveness of the gluten shield, which makes it extremely easy to digest.

The integrity of the starch matrix in the structure of the pasta means that only a small quantity of simple sugars are readily available to the organism. As a result, the assimilation of sugars during the digestion process is significantly slowed down.

Long flat pasta

The fact that a finished sheet of dough of the desired thickness can be produced directly from dough crumbs using a mono-process means that the kneading phase has been completely eliminated. What is more, the whole process is cold throughout, without the possibility of attrition, shear stress or alterations in temperature that could compromise the final product. The process takes place in four steps.

Short Pasta

A unique new system of drawing and die-cutting the dough means that it can be made into virtually any shape, using the cold technology process.

It is based on a system of gradual compression, which eliminates areas of possible inactivity, thus preventing contamination or changes to the organoleptic qualities of the product. This innovative process is the result of a reduction in the number of components present in the production line, which prevents the mechanical stress caused by a rise in temperature, the principal reason for negative changes in the precious properties of raw materials.

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Our pasta types

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