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Research abstract

Pasta is characterized by a complex structure and composition, despite not being made up of cells. In fact, during the processing of the pasta, the cellular material and non-vital plant tissues that may be present at the beginning of the processing are totally deconstructed and modified. For pasta, processing technologies determine its final qualities, and many components of the product that are relevant in nutritional terms but which do not provide energy, such as fiber and mineral salts, are often overlooked.

  1. it is nutritionally complete compared to other carbohydrate sources, for all ages
  2. it has superior organoleptic and taste characteristics
  3. it has optimal shape retention and shelf life characteristics
  4. it is highly digestible
  5. contains perfectly structured starches and facilitates the correct and balanced release of the carbohydrate component and therefore has a low impact on blood sugar
  6. it is free of contaminants and pollutants
  7. it has excellent individual tolerability
  8. is produced with technological processes of excellence, with tight laboratory controls and designed to be validated through clinical research on humans
  9. optimal balance between digestibility, taste and sense of contentment and satiety even after a meal

Prof. Antonio Vittorino Gaddi


Scientific Director, Health Lab, GTechnology Foundation, Modena, IT
President, Emilia Romagna Region Division of Digital SIT, Bologna, IT

Doctor, Italian writer and academic; specialized in cardioangiology and gerontology, he is known for his contributions on the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.


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A unique pasta

Thanks to our exclusive and innovative cold working method it is possible to taste an inimitable pasta that preserves all the original organoleptic qualities of the raw materials, from flavors to perfumes, from colors to healthy benefits.

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