The authentic cold processing system The Pietro Massi method

The “Third Way” is born

Inspired by the oldest methods of crafting pasta, the processing method patented exclusively by Pietro Massi is based on modern technologies and is defined by its inventor as “The Third Way to produce pasta”.

The system is based on the use of particular types of stainless steel rollers capable of creating a sheet of pasta from dough crumbs in a single step, using a cold mono-process which is kept at a constant temperature and which completely eliminates the kneading process.

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The value of the method

A high-quality sheet of dough is the basis for a superlative product. Its characteristics are structural homogeneity, plasticity, elasticity, and the absence of internal tensions. All this is obtained not only by selecting the raw materials accurately, but above all by processing them with care. The rolling of long pasta and the innovative and original linear-die shaping of short pasta is always carried out “cold”, as this reduces pressure and friction to a much lower level than that normally found in the work of conventional dough sheeters.

A comparative survey undertaken with the support of electronic scanning microscope imagery (SEM), and carried out on various types of dough sheets produced by conventional lamination systems, has confirmed that the Pietro Massi processing method of production preserves the natural crystalline structure of the starches, and leaves the thick gluten shield that surrounds them intact.

The high quality of the product is the result of this method of production, a method which has been researched, tested and perfected through more than 30 years of continuous work.

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Have you ever seen the Pasta under a microscope?

The value of the method is an evidence, shown with maximum transparency

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A pure product: new hygiene standards

Pietro Massi’s revolution, the cold rolling process, contributed to the simplification of the “production system”, eliminating about 70% of the mechanical components present in conventional production lines for pasta factories.

One of the most immediate needs was the elimination of the compression chambers and of the parts of machinery where the pasta usually remains blocked, creating stagnations which are potential reservoirs of uncontrolled microbiological pollution.

This has also simplified and streamlined the cleaning and sanitising of the machinery and eliminated a possible downgrade in the organoleptic qualities of the pasta.

Raw materials

The absence of mechanical stress and of trauma at the mixing stage means that proteins, vitamins and starches are protected and preserved in the pasta, giving it a unique aromatic profile.

An explosion of taste, allowing the consumer to appreciate and enjoy the natural, true aroma of wheat


The Pietro Massi system of closed drying utilises the “UNA” method, which employs the same air throughout the entire drying cycle, regardless of its duration. This means that the air never comes into contact with the external environment.

Moreover, the temperature and the percentage of humidity of the air used during this innovative drying process is constantly checked and monitored by special instruments at every phase of the operation, and if necessary, is sanitised to maintain a high standard of hygiene.

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The result? A unique type of pasta

Thanks to this completely new and exclusive processing method, you can now enjoy all the organoleptic qualities of eggs and durum wheat, from colour to smell and taste, together with the many health benefits that they provide.

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