The start of Pietro Massi’s revolution The story of a passion

A true vocation

Pietro Massi has dedicated his life to pasta.

After a long career, and more than 30 years in the sector, he has succeeded in analysing and reinterpreting the methods used for centuries in the production of pasta, causing a real revolution for the first time in over 500 years.

His experience has led him to a fundamental reinterpretation of production processes based on what matters most to him: the land and the raw materials it offers.

His aim to this very day is to honour the earth and its products, and to create a new kind pasta that respects, and has its origins in tradition.

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spent in perfecting<br /> the method
  • 1971
    Mechanical Manufacturer
    Producer of fresh pasta machines for small shops and traditional pasta making laboratories.
  • 1980
    R&D Research and Development
    Begins in-depth research with the aim of bringing innovation to the existing pasta making processes of the time. Continues to act as consultant to major pasta producing factories in Italy.
  • 2013
    Invention of the IPILAR system
    A real innovation based on a system of cold working with hydration, pre-dough production dough production and cold rolling all regulated automatically.
  • 2019
    The Pietro Massi brand is born
    A new adventure begins with the launch of Pietro Massi pasta on the market.

The heritage of a family

The adventure of a dreamer

Pietro Massi started his professional life in a machine workshop, which he took over some years later to become the producer and seller of pasta machines to small shops and traditional pasta-making laboratories.

By the end of the 80s his workshop was also offering the services of maintenance and revision to approximately 2,000 fresh pasta shops throughout central Italy.

In the early 90s he decided to take the step of becoming an expert pasta maker as well; a decision motivated by his desire to use the raw materials at his disposal to their best advantage, and to make a real difference to the world of pasta by developing a new method of pasta production based on a cold processing method.

Shortly after, he also began to realise that it was not enough to be just an expert pasta maker and a good mechanic because pasta makers needed machines tailored to their needs, and a new objective was born: to make machines that were both simpler and more functional, and which answered these needs.

In the early 2000s he developed a first processing system that allowed him to put together quality durum wheat and eggs to make good pasta. A system that needed to be improved, however, as it was unable to guarantee a consistently valid product.

In 2006 he introduced the PILAR system (pre-dough, dough and adjustable automatic rolling). However, not even the pasta produced by this system satisfied Pietro completely.

2013 saw the birth of the IPILAR system: the first real innovation. This new technology involved breaking down the manufacturing process into four phases: moisturising, pre-dough production, dough production and cold rolling.

Italiana Pastifici holds the patents of which Pietro Massi is the inventor: 2 patents for the production and lamination of pasta, 2 patents for the drawing and modelling of tagliatelle and 1 patent for the dough-making system.

The mission of Italiana Pastifici is to continue the constant Research and Development that has always characterised Pietro Massi’s work to date, with the aim of developing new patents that will have a real innovative impact on the sector.

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