Beautiful outside and good “inside”

A pasta manufacturing plant that invests a lot in research on its product is a “healthy” innovation, but what leads us to do it?

Pietro Massi Pasta is characterized by a complex structure and composition: starch granules and perfectly intact proteins preserved by the original cells of the raw materials.

During the classic dough processing models, however, this cellular material can be totally deconstructed and modified.

This highlights how processing technologies are fundamental to determine the final quality of the pasta and to preserve the components of the product, such as fiber and mineral salts, which are often overlooked.

We produce our Pasta thanks to innovative and patented technological processes to preserve the intrinsic properties of the raw materials and we subject it to strict laboratory controls to highlight its value.

We work side by side with an ethical-scientific committee to continue to obtain all the necessary certifications that can prove our research.

Gaetano Castiglione — CEO

Video interviews to
Prof. Antonio Vittorino Gaddi

Prof. Antonio Vittorino Gaddi


Scientific Director of EuroGenLab, Technical Committee, IT
Scientific Director of QInternational LtD, UK
President Italian Society of Digital Health and Telemedicine
Past President of Undergraduate Course in Medicine and Surgery, Bologna University, IT

Italian physician, writer and academic; specialised in cardioangiology and gerontology, he is well-known thanks to his contributions on the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.

The characteristics of Pasta Pietro Massi:

100% Italian certified durum wheat semolina

Heady aroma and authentic taste of wheat

“Naturally” rough and porous

Shape maintenance while cooking

Starch and gluten shield perfectly intact

Extraordinarily light and digestible

Nutritionally complete

Easy to use and incomparable cooking properties

Design at the centre

Every feature of the Pasta has been taken care of and designed to provide a unique taste experience: we have created the perfect bite, the result of a work of improvement on size, diameter, thickness and length.

The result of this extraordinary care?

An inimitable Pasta that finally becomes the absolute protagonist at the table: tough, tasty, crunchy, nutritious, porous, fragrant and highly digestible.

White Pasta – Chef Mauro Uliassi, 3 Michelin Stars

Pietro Massi’s Calamarata N°25, herring butter and Timut pepper

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